Celeste Holm Syndrome by David Lazar

Celeste Holm Syndrome (2020)“A great book about character actors would be enough, but Lazar’s imaginative and ingratiatingly erudite series of meditations is much more. ” —Molly Haskell

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I'll Be Your Mirror - David Lazar

I'll Be Your Mirror: Essays & Aphorisms (2017)“David Lazar is a writer’s writer’s writer.”—M. F. K. Fisher

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Desire 300x463

Occasional Desire (2013)“His puckish wit and exacting standards raise the bar for all contemporary literary nonfiction.”—Phillip Lopate

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Bodyofbrooklyn 300x463

The Body of Brooklyn (2003)“David Lazar is a writer’s writer’s writer.”—M. F. K. Fisher

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Prose Poems

Sandys helen of troy 300x383

Who’s Afraid of Helen of Troy (2016, Etruscan Press)“Buckle your seatbelt and tuck in your toga. Get a good grip on your martini. These are vibrant poems of love . . . and ageless longing; poems of catharsis, razzmatazz, and chutzpah.” –Amy Gerstler

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Powder train 300x450

Powder Town (2008)“David Lazar…wakes the world to the thriving art of the prose poem.”—Ray Gonzalez

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Don't Look Now

Don't Look Now (2020)“These gorgeous essays perform acts of homage, bravery, and forgiveness...” — Lia Purpura

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After Montaigne

After Montaigne (2014, University of Georgia Press)“A fascinating collection of essays that carries forward the omnidirectional momentum of the master.”–Ian Frazier

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Essaying 300x449

Essaying the Essay (2013)

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Truth 300x427

Truth in Nonfiction (2008)“This collection is an absolutely necessary addition to the subject—and it’s absolutely necessary right now”–Lia Purpura

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Michaelpowel 300x460

Michael Powell: Interviews (2003)

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Mfkfisher 300x450

Conversations with M.F.K. Fisher (1992)

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