Hotel Amerika

Hotel Amerika now in partnership with the University of Nebraska Press!

Launched in 2002 at Ohio University by David Lazar, Hotel Amerika is already firmly established as an exciting venue for both well-known and emerging writers. We publish exceptional writing in all its forms, so it’s not uncommon to find traditional work alongside the experimental. We strive to house in our pages the most unique and provocative poetry, fiction and nonfiction available. Work with a quirky, unconventional edge—either in form or content—is often favored by our editors. Hotel Amerika is an eclectic journal that attracts an equally eclectic audience. Hotel Amerika has been featured in The Pushcart Press Prize Anthology, Best American Essays, Best American Poetry and is regularly cited as one of the leading literary journals in the United States.

From The Introduction to Best American Essays, 2013, by Robert Atwan:

The vitality of American literature has long depended on the almost heroic efforts of literary magazines that somehow manage to survive today despite budget reductions, rising costs, and an unstable publishing environment. It’s true that every year I see magazines fold—Partisan Review, for example, unfortunately stopped publishing in 2003—but new magazines keep appearing. Some seem to rise out of the ashes of their predecessors. When the excellent Ohio Review came to an end in 1999, one of its associate editors, David Lazar, created Hotel Amerika, (see Marcia Aldrich, “The Art of Being Born,” p. 000), which he brought with him to Columbia College in Chicago when he moved there in 2006. Featuring a generous sampling of cutting-edge writing in all genres, traditional and hybrid, Hotel Amerika has maintained an eye-catching and creative literary identity for over a decade. It is always a pleasure to read.